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This collaboration marks the meeting of two very opened minded entities. Although they have worked together for years, in this project both Abrams and Haberdashery manipulate light and mould it to suit their own curiosities. This project has received critical acclaim since its summer show Freq, at Hoxton Gallery, London. Together, design studio Haberdashery and photographer Julian Abrams explore the infinite potential of light. Their collaborative work dips into a kaleidoscopic world as highly reflective stainless steel rods, ball bearings and controllable LED lighting are manipulated by simple geometry – isolating light and eliminating everything else.

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Haberdashery and Abrams have successfully worked together for several years. They are both influenced by artists including Bridget Riley, Yayoi Kusama, Chris Levine, and the Bauhaus. These influences are present in the subtle modernist aesthetic which underpins all of the exclusive sculptures in Freq.